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Anna, Gold Coast, QLD

Success Story 1
I have been taking African Mango Pills for almost 3 months now and you guys can’t believe that I have down approx. seven pounds. To be frank, I am already an attractive fit lady, but I still wanted to lose some extra fat specifically around my belly and butts. I already notice a great difference and feel much improved about my body.

I also study for the customer reviews on the intensity of caffeine included in each capsule and was somewhat anxious just because I take only 1 cup of tea of coffee few days within a week, not every day. With these pills, now I just don’t take coffee in the morning time while at work, only on weekends, but luckily I still don’t feel any caffeine fidget while I take these African Mango capsules.

As I am already fit enough and my ultimate target is to only reduce almost 8 to 10 pounds so I take only one capsule a day. Normally, I take it morning time before 20 to 30 minutes of breakfast. You guys can’t believe that I am getting wonderful weight loss results without sticking to any hard routine for exercise and diet. I am very happy to purchase this magical product!



Joana, Cairns, QLD
Success Story 2
I started attempting to reduce weight through adopting strict plans for exercising and dieting and lost only about 1 to 2 pounds within over one month duration. I started taking African mango piils along with my habitual exercise and diet routine and have already lost about 6 to 8 pounds within a few weeks.

Overall, I am so happy. These contain a little caffeine so I just switched to taking green tea in morning time that is why, its caffeine effect doesn’t bother me too much. African mango supplements don’t play any noticeable role in suppressing appetite but I feel much livelier and energetic while use it.

I am getting wonderful weight loss results through using these tablets and definitely going to buy another bottle of this.



Kelly, New Castle, NSW
Success Story 3
Most pleasing thing about African mango supplements is that it works terrifically to lose weight. I noticed that all parts of my body with additional fat have melted away since I started taking this extract. I would like to recommend this product to all anxious about losing weight.

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Other Success Stories

  • I was struggling hard to lose weight for last couple of years but failed to achieve targeted results. This is the foremost program that worked for me fantastically. I have been using your African Mango Diet program along with some diet control and exercise plan on routine basis and you guy can’t believe that I have lost approx. 30 pounds within 3 months. It really rocks!

    Elena, Perth, WA
  • I have been using this diet supplement for about 2 months now and have already lost 10 pounds. I desired for an extra weight reduction so I finally decided to use these this supplement along with a habitual diet and exercise plan and you guys can’t believe that I started to lose approx. 15 pounds within a month. This product worked wonderfully for me. One thing I would like to mention here is its caffeine composition I felt for initial two days of using it. However, after a few days I was used to it. I would like to strongly recommend this product to all looking for a great deal to lose weight. Thank you so much!

    Kelly Sydney, NSW
  • I have been trying for last few years to get for a flat belly but nothing could work terrifically for me except African Mango plus weight loss program. Within 2 months of effectively pursuing this weight loss program, I finally have sexy and flat belly I always dreamed for. Thank you million times!!!

    Linda Brisbane, Queensland