Weight Loss Benefits of African Mango Extract

African mango is found in the African rainforest of Cameroon on large scale but some other countries are also harvesting this fruit due to its magical benefits. Residents of West Africa are habitual of eating this fruit as normal diet and they also use it to make thick curry while cooking other food items. Difference in normal mango and it is due to seed present and typically this seed is known as dikka nut. Extract which provides a lot of health benefits along with weight loss is obtained from the seed of African mango.

African Mango Extract AustraliaTo prove the discovery of weight loss property of this fruit a study was conducted in 2005 at Cameroon’s University of Yaoundé. For this study 40 participants were selected and after selection they were divided in two groups of 20 people. For observing the difference and results one group was given extract obtained from the seeds for 30 days. This extract was given 3 times a day for whole month to this group. Other group was given placebo for the same period of time in the same quantity. After 30 days it was noted that people of group taking this extract lost their weight by 5.25 lbs on average while other group achieved 1.35 lbs. There was no involvement of strict diet plans and workouts. This difference and achievement of first group was evidence of the fact that extract of the fruit is really helpful in weight loss.

It is also known as bush mango and clinical research found that it possesses Leptin hormone. Scientists claim that this hormone is source of natural appetite suppressant because it is responsible for sending the signals of satiety to the brain. It is normal and understandable fact that results of any product are not same for every person. Research showed also different results for all the participants and average figure was considered to compare the results. Whatever figure you achieve in weight loss by using this extract it is obvious that it will fetch results.

Different blood tests were also performed to analyze the changes in the body system of the participants. Cholesterol levels of all participants showed improvement and there was a significant reduction in LDL or bad cholesterol. Same test performed on the people taking placebo showed no such change in cholesterol level.

In 2009 again a study was conducted to evaluate other benefits associated with the use and it was found that after 10 weeks, people taking this extract got steady glucose level. Further studies and test discovered the fact that continuous use of this African Mango extract can help to main the right level of glucose in the blood and patients of diabetes type II can get rid of using insulin. Supplements prepared from the extract of this fruit can be used as cure for the diabetes patients but to avoid other complications it is necessary to consult with your physician before starting this plan.

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